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Toronto's First Diet Service for Children Brings Calorie-reduced Meals to Clients too Busy to Cook...

Megan Ogilvie
Life Writer

Chris and his daughter Taylor have given up their late-night dinners of greasy pizza and take-out chop suey.

The single dad and his 11-year-old girl still get meals delivered to their yorkville home, but instead of fatty fast food they're eating portioned gourmet meals prepared by a local diet service.

'It's like fast food, but it's healthy,' says Chris, who didn't want to use his last name to save his daughter from embarrassment.

Chris, a venture capitalist, is just one of many parents who find it difficult to make healthful choices for their kids while keeping up with their own hectic lifestyle. Diet delivery services for children are tapping into the growing market of stressed-out parents who worry about their children's health and weight — and who are willing to pay for an outsider's help.

Chris turned to Nutrition in Motion, a toronto delivery service, to prepare all his meals based on the nim diet. As he lost weight, he stuck with the service because of its convenience. When the company wanted to offer a program for kids, Chris signed up his daughter to road-test the service.

'I wanted her to lose weight and learn how to eat healthy,' he says. 'I felt a little guilty that I might have passed my bad eating habits on to her.'

Now, three meals, two snacks and a dessert for both father and daughter land on their doorstep every day before sunrise. It's a convenience for which Chris shells out about $2,000 a month — an expense he doesn't mind paying.

Nutrition in Motion launched their NIM kids diet this month at the request of some adult clients who wanted their kids to lose weight. Based on phase 2 of the nim diet, NIM kids is geared to children between the ages of 8 and 16 and costs $29.99 a day for the three meals, two snacks and dessert.

Rebecca Malen, vice president and co-founder of Nutrition in Motion, says many of their clients have a hectic lifestyle and don't have time to plan nutritious family meals.

'People spend a tonne of time just thinking about what they have to eat to be healthy,' she says. 'we take out all the stress of planning and preparing healthy food.'

the nim kids diet includes foods like buttermilk cinnamon waffles, pita pizzas and chicken fingers with coleslaw. every meal has passed a kid's taste test, says malen.

'not only do they lose weight, they love the food,' she says.

brooklyn-based zonechefs, which delivers portioned zone diet meals to anywhere in the continental u.s., has been offering a zone diet delivery program for children for about three years. arthur gunning, founder of zonechefs, told new york magazine that he didn't want to launch a diet delivery service for kids, but the company 'got so many requests from their parents we had to do it.'

dining in, a san francisco diet delivery service, primarily caters to career-centred singles who don't have kids, says kitchen manager angela mullin. their youngest dieters are college-bound teenagers who want to lose a few pounds before they get on campus, she says.

but there's a growing market in california for diet delivery services for children, she says...

`the biggest bonus of the service is its convenience.'

single father chris

and in a society that increasingly values work over family time, it seems, at least for some, there is a place for diet delivery services.

'the biggest bonus of the service is its convenience,' says chris. 'i'm a guy, i don't know how to shop for healthy foods or pick out good vegetables or know how much meat we should eat at dinner. it's really like a blessing for me.'